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14 October 2008

Only You Can Prevent Discrimination

Are you registered to vote? If not, please do so immediately.

If you live in California, did you know that you can register to vote absentee on a permanent basis? That means that you’re ballot simply arrives in the mail (mine arrived last week), you vote then drop the ballot in the mail and you’re golden. No disenfranchisement. No pressure at the polls. No “had to hectic a day” on voting day and miss out.

Aside from the Obama vs. McCain debate… there is a proposition on the ballot to remove people’s rights. That’s rights that people already have and exercise. It’s taking away something that people can legally do, today. And that right only affects a certain percentage of the population. It allows some people to exercise those exact same rights and prohibits other people from doing so. Does that sound right to you? Does that sound equal? Does that sound American?

That’s exactly what Proposition 8 does. Proposition 8 eliminates the right for same sex couples to marry. It would take away my right to marry my sweetie. My sweetie of 12 years come November. If Prop. 8 passes, discrimination will be written into the California constitution.

If you would like help get the word out so that this heinous thing does not, in fact, become law,  make a donation. You can make a donation even if you don’t live in California. A large amount of the money that is driving the yes on 8 initiative is coming from mormons in Utah! So stand up, whip out that check card help to keep equality in the California constitution.

If you live in California, please vote NO on Prop. 8.


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