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29 May 2009

Proof that chanting is good for you?

From Wired, Synchronized Brain Waves Focus Attention:

“Imagine a spring between your two hands, and you’re vibrating your hands back and forth,” said Desimone. “If you time it just right, your hands are going to have a spring bouncing back and forth at a certain resonance. The neural equivalent of that is a very strong signal in the brain.”

I tend to find that chanting increases the success of my meditation practice (when I remember to do it). I remember the first books I read on meditation were on Vipassana techniques and that’s what I tend to default too. But often, it’s just too difficult for me and my ADD addled monkey brain to do and I get frustrated and give up. But I loves me some chanting. Especially in a group setting. Perhaps this new finding sheds a bit of light on why.


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